How many car accidents happen every day? It’s in millions. The number is staggeringly high and covers both minor and major accidents. While accidents happen due to improper or irresponsible driving on your end or on others, animals, weather, etc., some parts of your car will undoubtedly get damaged. These are the most common ones:

1. Front and Rear Bumpers

Most accidents happen with at least one car or vehicle moving forward. This makes the front bumper to be the first on the list of parts that get damaged. They are the firsts on the receiving end of the collision. But like front bumpers, rear bumpers can also receive damage first-hand by way of another vehicle bumping into yours or the other way around, backing on a dumpster, or others. The damage can come in the form of a dent, scratch, scrape, etc.

2. Fender

Some people can mistake a fender with a bumper. But they are two different things with different functions. Bumpers are located on the front and rear end of the car and are meant to protect you from impacts during accidents. Fenders are the frame, shade, or roof (whatever you want to call it) of the wheels. They prevent mud, dirt, etc. From being hurled to other vehicles while running. But like bumpers, they receive impacts mostly from side collisions.

3. Grille

The grille is the part of the car that allows air to flow in the compartments of the engine. If your grille gets damaged from an accident, it is always wise to have it replaced. It can look bad but if you’re not concerned about that, at least remember that it will prevent proper airflow if left taken for granted.

4. Front and Rear Doors

Side impacts are the main cause of the front and rear doors to get destroyed or damaged. All modern cars are engineered to protect drivers and passengers from fatal injuries due to side accidents. It is then important to have any damaged door replaced. If they get damaged and you don’t get them replaced, if you run into another accident, then there’s nothing to fully protect you from lethal injuries.

5. Hood and Trunk Lid

A disfigured hood or lid isn’t only aesthetically appealing, but it can also cause more accidents to happen. Other than an accident, any heavy object can cause a dent on the hood like a hailstone. Some car owners disregard a disfigured hood or trunk as superficial and will not influence the performance of the car. But the truth is it will. A disfigured hood can get loose in some parts. If it rains or snows, the car parts inside will be affected. Can you also imagine your belongings inside the trunk falling out while driving because it won’t properly close?

Accidents are unavoidable. If you own a car and drive it, then you should be aware of the dangers it involves. If you get into an unlucky accident and your windshields got damaged as well, windshield repair Fresno has got your back.