A lot of problems may arise in your septic system. The hardest job in identifying how to fix the issue is finding out what is the root of the problem. Once you familiarize your septic tank, it will be a lot easier to determine the problem when things stop flowing accordingly so you can perform necessary action such as septic tank cleaning.

Routine Inspection

You must totally observe your septic tank before an issue arises so that you will know what it normally looks like. Remove the cover of your septic system and look inside it. Take note of the water level inside your septic system. If the level of the water looks normal, then your septic tank issue doesn’t exist there. This gives you a hint that there’s a minor clog or blockage somewhere up there.

If the water level in your septic system is above the normal level, then the line leaving your septic system is basically clogged up. Possible cause could be damaged drainage lines, a remaining sludge, saturated field or the drain could possibly be blocked by the tree roots.

Poor Flush

If you flush your toilet and the water doesn’t go down easily, this may be a sign that there’s an issue with your septic tank. The snake can be out of line causing in mud backup. As a matter of fact, another reason for poor flushing is because of a backup of several different wastes which can really clog your tank beyond repair.

Septic Tank Failure

A septic tank fails when it doesn’t efficiently take in liquid wastes. When nutrient and biological contaminants also get into the well from nearby stream or lakes, this is one sign that your septic tank has already failed.

Flooding or Smell

Puddles of water or just some smells can be signs which water is leaking out from the ground.

Toilet Backup

When the toilet is backing up above what the plunger can manage, it is already a sign that there is an issue with your wastewater drainage. In addition to that, it can also be an indication that your drainage field is saturated. It can be caused by the recent heavy rains and might be temporary as well. Also, you could have a broken pipe line. If the whole drain field requires to be changed, it may be a very costly project.

Leaky Toilets and Faucets

Water leaking from your toilets or faucets can affect the absorption field operation. In order to repair this kind of problem, you should always maintain your plumbing fixtures in tip top shape.

Blockage to Your Tank-to-Field Line

This issue occurs when tree roots or solids overflow your system. Another reason of this may be a pipe section collapse. In order to fix this problem, you should need to pump your tank as well as clear the lines. Then, you will fix the damaged section.

Always keep in mind that you need to have your septic tank checked and maintained for at least once a year for any sludge or leaks.