In a garden, plants are indeed a very good element in making everything look good and pleasing to the eyes. Thus, homeowners who want their garden to look amazing; they plant different types of plants. In the world, there are so many different plants that one could choose from. Plants also grow from different parts of the world because there are certain plants that could grow in colder areas and some also prefer to grow in hot countries.

Since there are so many kinds of plants in the world, homeowners choose the best one that they like according to their own personal liking and taste. For example, there are home owners who would like to see more of a greener sight, so they pick trees or plants that are colored green or those that do not grow flowers but there are also homeowners that prefer to have a garden that is full of many beautiful flowering plants for them to enjoy all year round. But if you are just starting out in making your garden look beautiful then you could ask help from Professional Landscaper Farmington who could give you some smart advice on what to plant and how to grow it properly?

To cut the chase, we have provided you with the best outdoor plants that you could also think about placing and planting in your own garden. In this way, you will have more ideas on what to plant in your beautiful yard.


This is a small tree or some calls it as a shrub. This is very beautiful because this is not like the typical tree that has green leaves but this one has purple or violet trees that could turn crimson in the fall season. You will not have a hard time planting this one because this grows under the sun and it survives even on simple garden soil which is amazing. Just be sure to water them with extra amount of water in the dryer seasons.


This plant is an ornamental grass which tells you that this really serves some serious beauty on your garden for it is really beautiful in color and in form. It is called feather for a reason and its feather-like strands gives some movement in your garden which provides a relaxing feeling for people. The feather-like strands are golden brown in color during fall season which is perfect for the season because of its rustic look.


This plant is very good in places that have many animals that destroys garden because this plant has thorns in it which prevents animals from damaging it or eating it. This plant is also good if you want to secure your home in a stylish way.

If you do want to beautify your garden then you just have to pick between these plants or plant them all in your garden to really improve it in a way that it would really be pleasing to the eyes of many and it will also help in improving the look of the home.